Water Resources Program 2019-2021

The Water Resources Program (Fiscal Years 2019-2021) presents the priority water resources needs of the basin over the next three fiscal years and the key projects proposed to satisfy those needs, per the Susquehanna River Basin Compact requirements and based upon the Comprehensive Plan.

Priority Water Resources Needs

Point of Contact: Jeremy Hoffman


A comprehensive accounting of water use and availability in the basin facilitates sustainable water resources planning.

Key Partner Projects
  • Update PA State Water Plan (PADEP)
  • Update PA StreamStats (USGS)
  • Archive Reported Water Use Data (NYSDEC, PADEP, MDE)
  • States sharing water use data (#)
  • Grandfathered projects registered and reporting (#)
  • Watersheds with updated water use and availability estimates (#)
# - denotes number of items

Point of Contact: Todd Eaby

E-mail: teaby@srbc.net


Efficient and focused regulatory oversight ensures effective and appropriate water resources management.

Key Partner Projects
  • Draft Administrative Agreement with SRBC (PADEP)
  • Execute MD MOU with SRBC (MDE)
  • Convene Annual Technical Coordination Meetings with agency staff (PA, NY, MD)
  • Collaborate with Training for Public Water Suppliers (PA, NY)
  • Revised regulations/policies (#)
  • General permits issued (#)
  • Agencies with MOUs (#)
  • Public suppliers assisted (#)
# - denotes number of items

Point of Contact: John Balay

E-mail: jbalay@srbc.net


Expansion of consumptive use mitigation measures will help offset reductions in water availability during droughts

Key Partner Projects
  • Revise Conowingo Dam Conservation Release (MDE)
  • Conduct Pinchot Lake Water Quality and Low Flow Study (PADCNR)
  • Conduct Environmental Flows Assessment for USACE Reservoirs (USACE)
  • Complete Mocanaqua Tunnel Mine Pool Study (EPCAMR)
  • Consumptive use mitigation projects (#)
  • Consumptive use offsets (mgd)
# - denotes number of items

Point of Contact: Jamie Shallenberger


Abandoned mine drainage (AMD) is a major cause of basin stream impairment and targeted restoration projects produce tangible results.

Key Partner Projects
  • Complete construction of Cresson AMD treatment plant (PADEP BAMR)
  • Construct treatment plants in the Tioga and Catawissa watersheds (PADEP BAMR)
  • Enhance AMDTreat software (USGS, OSMRE)
  • AMD treated (mgd)
  • Restored or delisted streams (miles)

Point of Contact: Ben Pratt

E-mail: bpratt@srbc.net


The persistent challenge of flooding in basin communities requires appropriate mitigation planning to minimize ongoing risks to life and property.

Key Partner Projects
  • Complete Muncy Flood Resiliency Study (USACE)
  • Complete Upper Susquehanna Flood Study (USACE, NYSDEC)
  • Complete Frankstown Branch Juniata River Flood Study (USACE)
  • Update PA peak flow regression equations (USGS, FEMA)
  • Flood inundation mapping (miles)
  • River forecast points with flood inundation mapping (#)
# - denotes number of items

Point of Contact: Andy Gavin

E-mail: agavin@srbc.net


Chesapeake Bay states must have strategies in place by 2025 to meet pollutant reduction goals necessary to restore Bay water quality.

Key Partner Projects
  • Complete Phase III WIPs (NYSDEC, PADEP, MDE)
  • Implement Priority WIP BMPs (NYSDEC, PADEP, MDE)
  • Manage Conowingo WIP Allocation (MDE, PADEP)
  • Implement Projects within Chesapeake Bay Comprehensive Plan (USACE)
  • Phase III WIPs completed (#)
  • BMP projects implemented (#)
  • Pollutant load reductions (lbs)
# - denotes number of items

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